Why You Should Consider Asphalt Driveways

It’s almost the first thing you would notice when you arrive home, especially when you are driving, your driveway is one of the most crucial features of the exterior of your home. For that reason, it’s vital that your driveway looks perfect, as well as not having any ongoing issues such as potholes or cracks. 

A large portion of this is down to maintenance and taking care of the driveway, however, a wealth of the responsibility comes down the materials used. To ensure that your next drive is surfaced correctly, the team at Bestco Surfacing has created this guide on why you should consider installing asphalt driveways. 

Durability & strength

The last thing you would want is your driveway to be weak and damage-prone, which is where asphalt is ideal. One of it’s most known traits is that it’s very durable and strong, which is vital for driveways seeing as they will have stationary vehicles on it for numerous hours at a time. Unlike alternative driveway surfaces, asphalt is very unlikely to renege or crumble, which is important to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Longevity material

Another key feature of asphalt driveways is that they can last up to 20 years, often longer if you regularly maintain and take care of your driveway. For reference, a few of the most notable approaches to further aid with its lifespan is by seal-coating the surface every few years, as well as ensuring that it’s cleaned using the right chemicals. 

Quick & easy to be installed

Whatmore, asphalt driveways are also very easy to install. It’s often the case that creating the asphalt composite, as well as surfacing and drying will take only 2 days to complete, where you can be using your brand new asphalt surface within as little as 3 days. 

Suitable for all seasons

One of the final key advantages of using asphalt driveways is that they are suitable for all seasons. Especially in winter months, where it’s more likely to snow and ice over the driveway, asphalt driveways have been shown to be very effective with combating the colder weather. Although they won’t directly impact the snow or ice, it has been proven that they react much better to chemicals and related substances used to clear ice. 

Cost-effective driveway solution

If you have a tight budget for your driveway, then asphalt is the ideal solution. This is because asphalt requires very little elements to create, being bitumen, sand and aggregate, all of which are very cheap and easy to obtain. What really makes asphalt driveways cost-effective are all the points that we have mentioned above, most notably the longevity and durability, which enable asphalt to be classed as cost-effective. 

Can we be of service?

Interested in speaking to a professional team of asphalt paving contractors? If so, then you will be pleased to hear that Bestco Surfacing is here to help. With over 30 years of experience behind the team, we have assisted with a wealth of clients in and around Hertfordshire with the planning and surfacing the very best asphalt driveways possible. 

By calling 01992 652 477, you can speak to one of our specialists who will be happy to confer about your specific project, budget and time-scale so that we can suggest the most suitable plan going forward. For those that would prefer to write, we suggest sending an email to info@bestcosurfacing.co.uk with your message and contact details so that one of our experts can get in touch at the earliest convenience. 


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