Why You Should Colour Your Tarmac Driveway

Although you may not consider your driveway as an important aspect of the exterior design of your property, they can still play a vital role. As a result, many homeowners simply adopt a black or grey driveway, primarily because of the material used, but also because they lack awareness regarding coloured tarmac. 

How is it done?

To create the coloured tarmac, the contractors will first begin with the standard process used to create conventional tarmac. This involves mixing the aggregate stones with hot tar, creating the initial tarmac compound that would is often used as standard. At this stage, however, paint pigments will then be added to the mixture to stain all of the aggregate stones. Alternative approaches also include using stones that are already close to the aim colour. 

Why you should colour yours?

  • Colours availability

The colour choice could be endless as you are using pigments of colour to stain the aggregate stones. The contractor should show you a complete booklet with the full list of colours, though a few of the most popular colours are red, blue and green. 

  • Lasting colour

As the contractor will be enhancing all of the aggregates with the colour pigment, it means that every single part will be colour. This means although the binder surface may lose its touch due to weather, the stone aggregate will keep its colour throughout time for years to come. 

  • Lower maintenance

Linking back to the lasting colour factor and method that the tarmac was created with, it’s often the case that coloured tarmac driveways require less maintenance work. As a result, the only maintenance required will be cleaning and sealing the surface every once in a while to guarantee a safe protection layer like with any other tarmac surface. 

  • Not just for driveways

Although we are highlighting the primary benefits of coloured tarmac for driveways, it can still be applied for other environments. Great examples include tennis courts and playgrounds, where the colour aspect is very attractive and makes the area stand out.  

Conventional choices

Before you make your choice, it’s key to take into consideration the surrounding environment, for example, the house’s exterior, garden and any existing paving that has been laid. As mentioned, a few of the most used colours include red, blue and green as they often tie into the surrounding environments. A great way to enhance the colour is to include a contrasting grey block paving, though this depends on your preferences. 

Contact the experts

With over 30 years of experience as surfacing and driveway contractors, our team has the expertise to design and install world-class coloured tarmac driveways that often exceed customer expectations. Whether you are now interested in a coloured tarmac or a conventional asphalt driveway, we are certain we can assist. 

The process begins as soon as you contact us, so be sure to call us on 01992 652 477 today. By doing so, you can speak to one of our experts about your ideas and specific requirements, where we can then recommend the most suitable approach going forward. For general enquiries, we suggest emailing info@bestcosurfacing.co.uk, where you can expect a reply within a single working day. 


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