The Dangers Of Failing To Maintain Your Driveway

As much as you may not want to admit it, over time it’s more than likely that your driveway will begin to show signs of age. That being said, there are of course several approaches that can be implemented to maintain your driveway, despite this, there are very few which carry out the very best maintenance techniques. 

As a result, to show the importance of carrying out such tasks, the team at Bestco Surfacing has created this guide highlighting the dangers of failing to maintain your driveway so that you appreciate the importance of maintaining your driveway. 

Cracking and potholes

Often the most obvious, but also the most dangerous result from lack of maintenance are cracks and potholes. All drivers will have experienced driving over a pothole, it’s not an enjoyable experience, which is why it’s also never a good idea to park your car on top of the surface that has cracks. 

It’s worth mentioning that there are several types of cracking that can occur on your driveway, each for a different reason. Linear cracks are often the most common due to weather conditions, though this can still be prevented and stopped with the correct maintenance techniques. Looking further in-depth at asphalt driveways in particular, ‘alligator cracks’ are more likely due to the excess use of sealers.

Weeds and algae begin to grow

Once these potholes and cracks have been exposed for a wealth of time, it’s more than likely that weeds, algae and other plants will begin to grow and spread. Once it has grown in the first place, it’s then likely to spread and cause additional damage to the driveway by increasing the size of any cracks, but also make the sub-base layer much less secure. 

Fading colour

As mentioned above, the more the driveway is used, the more worn down it will appear. If you notice your driveway is fading in colour, age is, of course, a notable reason, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have conducted any maintenance roles to help prevent the signs showing quicker.

Short-life span

Overall, all of these dangers contribute to one larger factor – a shorter life span. At this stage, you can still attempt to try and maintain the driveway going forward, but it’s more than likely that the damage is almost irreversible and will need a complete resurfacing for the driveway to be suitable once more for vehicles. 

Increase in costs

Due to this, it’s also safe to say that a driveway that has not been maintained correctly will result in higher costs, especially compared to the small fee it costs to maintain the driveway. Some of the most suitable maintenance tasks can be completed for free, which is ideal compared to having to pay extensive amounts of money for a complete resurface once it’s too damaged. 

Can we be of service?

Fear that the damage has got beyond a home repair job? Then why not contact a highly experienced driveway restorer, such as Bestco Surfacing. With a wealth of experience behind the team, we have the knowledge and capability to carry out several driveway and road surfacing tasks including restoration and resurfacing roles. 

With that being said, if you are keen on trying to preserve the driveway as much as possible, then we would recommend taking a look at surface dressing. Ideal for tar driveways, our team will lay a fresh coat of bitumen, as well as a layer of stone chippings to help with increasing the grip, waterproof nature and overall life-expectancy.


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