Is a Tarmac Driveway Right for You?

Planning for a new driveway can be a fun experience for many homeowners, often because it can completely revolutionise the exterior of their home. However, when planning for the new driveway, one of the very first things that will need to be decided is the material being used, which is why the team at Bestco Surfacing has helped to answer the question of – ‘Is a tarmac driveway right for you?’

How is tarmac made?

Often abbreviated for tarmacadam, tarmac is the generic name given to road or driveway surfacing materials that are comprised of tar-like materials mixed with mineral aggregates. The primary approach to creating and applying tar is through the use of extensive heat, which melts the tar, allowing the aggregates to mix and create the tarmac mixture. 


  • Long-lasting

As you can gather already, one of the primary benefits of tarmac for driveways is the fact that it can withstand its strength and durability for a considerable amount of time. This is thanks to the tar mixture which is weather-resistant once mixed with aggregate, further helping to increase the resistance, strength and ability to withstand through time.

  • Strong

Once the tarmac has been left to settle and cool down, it becomes a very strong compound that is very hard to break or damage by nature or weight, hence why it’s used for driveways. This is also the reason why it’s favoured for most road surfaces, as it maintains the ability to handle large amounts of weight.

  • Easy to maintain

Due to the strong and long-lasting characteristics of tarmac, it is seen as fairly easy to maintain. Regular cleaning is always recommended, but also with the addition of seal coatings, the surface is moisture protected and can with-stand for years to come. 

  • Value for money

Based on all of the factors above, as well as considering how cheap tarmac is to create, tarmac driveways are considered one of the best value for money solutions to choose from. 


  • Can become very heated

However, each material has its downsides, and for tarmac one of the main disadvantages is that it can become very heated in sunlight. Depending on the severity, this can cause several different issued including cracking the floor due to the tar melting, as well as potentially damaging car tyres if stationary for too long. 

  • Not as attractive as alternatives

If you are keen to increase the visual appeal of your home, then tarmac may not be a suitable option. As it’s predominantly available in one colour and style, it’s not very attractive, which can be an issue for some homeowners.

  • Can be easily damaged by spills

Like with any driveway choice, oil, petrol and diesel spills can not only be damaging for the driveway, but also produce a terrible spectacle. There are of course various approaches that can be adopted to help with this, but there is no guarantee the tarmac will look fresh and clean after these methods are applied. 

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