How To Prepare Your Driveway For Winter

Winter months are dawning upon us, which is why it’s more important than ever to comprehend the importance of preparing for colder and dangerous weather. One area that is often forgotten about is your driveway, which as seen in many vital videos, can be dangerous to walk and drive on in winter months. 

Why you need to prepare

The primary reason why you need to prepare should be obvious, you will likely become prone to injuries by falling over on your driveway, but this is more related to snow and ice. Inconsiderate preparation for your driveway may also result in damage and further issues to occur, all of which will now be avoided by following these tips. 

Preparation for winter

  • Keep it clean

Not just solely for winter months, but regularly cleaning your driveway will help prepare for the winter. Basic tasks for this include sweeping away debris, dirt, and leaves, all of which can easily settle and potentially lead to an uneven surface that is dangerous to walk on. A power-washer is also advised when possible, as this will further aid with deeper cleaning and the removal of dirt. 

  • Seal the driveway

It’s advised by experts to apply a sealant to your driveway surface every few years, but even more so for winter is vital. Different driveway materials require separate sealants, but the fundamental purpose is to provide a protective layer to the surface, as well as aid with filling in holes and reducing damage from heavy traffic. 

  • Check for and seal cracks

Regularly checking your driveway is the first step to aiding with the rest of the steps, though it’s then important to proceed with the next process, which is sealing any cracks. This is vital as winter weather such as snow, rain and ice can cause any holes to expand and become unrepairable, which can be very costly going forward. 

  • Watch your chemicals

Although de-icing chemicals can be effective in certain situations, using incorrect chemicals can cause serious damage to the driveway surface. For instance, most people will consider the use of salt-based products, as they are used for a wealth of public transport operations, but salt chemicals have been shown to damage driveways. Instead, calcium-based products are advisable as they are just as effective but far less damaging. 

  • Have appropriate tools

Although snow can be a magical moment, it can become a significant pain to clear so that your driveway is safe to use. However, having and using the appropriate tools can significantly help with this, furthermore, using damaged or broken tools can impact your ability to clean your drive. So before you commence any work, ensure that all of your tools such as your spade aren’t broken or you may cause additional damage to your driveway. 

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