How To Resurface An Asphalt Driveway

Despite asphalt being known as one of the most suitable driveway surface options due to its strength and durability, it’s still prone to damage and cracking despite all efforts to maintain quality and strength. Fortunately, several techniques can be applied which will aid with prolonging the quality and strength of the asphalt driveway for as long as possible, with one of the best techniques being resurfacing.

What is resurfacing? 

Resurfacing is one of the most used techniques used on the public road system, as well as private driveways due to the ability to maintain the surface for years to come. In simple terms, an additional layer of stone chippings and bitumen are layered on top of the current asphalt surface, where it is then flattened by machinery to achieve a smooth and drivable surface. 

When should you consider resurfacing?

  • Alligator cracks

Any forms of cracking is never a good sign for any surface, after all, this could mean that the damage lies further in the foundation of the surface, causing additional damage in the future. The term ‘alligator cracks’ often resembles notable areas of the surface which have a group of thin cracks, where the final result often resembles alligator cracks. 

  • Unevenness

If you continuously park in the same location on your driveway for numerous years, the surface will likely begin to incline that will result in an uneven driveway, making for an uncomfortable parking experience. Fortunately, a resurface will apply additionally asphalt onto the key areas which should result in the surface becoming even and more comfortable to drive on.   

  • Age

Although asphalt driveways are known for having the capabilities to last up to 20 years before needing a replacement, it’s still likely that in that time it has been subject to a wealth of traffic and usage, which will more than likely lead to noticeable damage over time. 

Benefits of resurfacing your driveway

  • Safety

Potholes and cracks are not only a safety risk for you, but it will likely damage your car if they continuously drove over and park on the damaged surface. Resurfacing will cover this up, as well as reducing the likelihood of the issues from occurring in the future again. 

  • Extend the lifetime value of the driveway

As mentioned, resurfacing is bound to extend the lifetime value of your driveway, as any previous damage, potholes or structural issues will be repaired and covered in the process, making it even harder for any issues to occur once it has been resurfaced. 

  • Maintain the look

It’s also likely that your driveway plays a key part in your home’s exterior look, which is why you wouldn’t want a driveway full of holes and looking aged to ruin the look. Fortunately, resurfacing will make your driveway appear fresh, new and aesthetically pleasing. 

The process you can do yourself

  • Clean the driveway

To begin, you will need to clean the asphalt surface from any debris, spillages and natural materials so that it doesn’t break up the resurfacing mixture. A power washer is always a good solution, though before any work can then commence, the driveway needs to be completely dry.

  • Repair

Before any resurfacer is applied, any cracks and potholes should be filled in as much as possible. There are several solutions available on the market, where you will simply need to apply the product into the cracks and left to settle till hard. 

  • Prepare and apply the resurface mixture

Once again, standard resurfacer can be brought online and in-store, where it will simply need to be mixed appropriately to make sure the resurfacer is usable. When applying the resurfacer, it should be applied evenly with a coater brush, and continuously spread back and forth until a smooth surface layer has been applied. This should then be left to dry, where no vehicles or personnel should go onto the resurfaced layer unless they need to make immediate repairs. 

Does it sound like too much work? 

Not everyone has the time and energy to carry out a resurface themselves, which is why calling an experienced company such as Bestco Surfacing is always a suitable suggestion. With over 40 years of experience in the surfacing industry, resurfacing projects are just one of the many jobs that we carry out daily for our clients. 

To get in touch, simply call 01992 652 477, where you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our friendly customer service advocates who will be happy to confer about your needs and possible plan going forward. 


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