Are Resin Driveways Are The Way Forward?

Your driveway plays a key part for your home, both for practical and esthetics reasons, which is why it’s important that you chose a material that suits your best. Concrete, tarmac and asphalt are often the first to come to mind, but one of the very best options that is becoming more of a mainstream option is resin.

What are resin-bound driveways?

Using a mix of aggregate stone with resin, surfacing contractors are able to create a highly durable and permeable surface that is ideal for paving and driveways. Not just that, but the choice of aggregate can be decided by each client, creating a unique and personalised look for your driveway. 


  • Visually appealing

As already mentioned, resin-bound driveways are very visually appealing. Most conventional driveways are simply either black or grey due to the materials used, whereas you can alternate the aggregate used which will differentiate the overall look of the driveway. 

  • Permeable

If your resin-driveway is installed correctly, then your driveway will be permeable. This is because the resin is designed to incorporate little holes throughout the entire surfacing, allowing water and other liquids to easily drain through. Not only does this assist with drainage, but your driveway will be longer-lasting as it won’t be prone to weather damage, unlike alternative driveway options. 

  • Maintenance is easy

Unlike alternative options, resin driveways require very little maintenance. This is because the structure of the resin is so strong that it’s unlikely any weed or moss will grow through the driveway, meaning the only maintenance work required is a simple clean every once in a while to keep the driveway looking fresh. 

  • Heat distribution

For tarmac, concrete and asphalt driveway homeowners, you would already know that the surface can become very hot on sunny days, which is why a resin driveway differentiates. This is primarily due to its porous nature, which enables the heat to travel through the surface layer and absorb, rather than stick to the surface of the driveway which won’t absorb the heat. 

  • Affordable

Depending on who you contract to install your resin-driveway, most contractors shouldn’t charge extensive amounts of money, though even then, the money is made back long-term. Looking back at the durability, visual appeal, maintenance requirements and much more, resin-flooring can often be considered as a long term investment that will see a great return. 

Choose the right installer

Resin-driveways can often be an easy laying process, but this doesn’t mean that every contractor is good at doing so. Before you contact a team, make sure that you conduct your research and identify a suitable company that is reliable and tells you honest information regarding the warranty, time frame and costs. 

Let us help

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