5 Tips To Maintain Quality Of Your Resin-Bound Driveway

There is no better feeling for homeowners than installing a brand new driveway to spruce up the front exterior of their home, which is why there has never been a more important time for them to appreciate how to maintain the driveway once it’s installed. 

As resin-bound driveways have become increasingly popular in recent years, the team at Bestco Surfacing has decided that it’s suitable that we focus on how to maintain the quality of resin-bound driveways to guarantee quality and cleanliness are achieved for years to come. 

Sweeping and hosing down the surface

Like with any driveway surface, cleaning the surface is one of the very first steps to ensure that the driveway’s quality is maintained. The first and most recommended technique is simply sweeping the whole of the surface to remove any debris, leaves or other organic materials. This should be carried out as often as possible to prevent any build-ups, as well as stopping any objects from sticking to the surface. 

You should also look to hose down the driveway when you have the opportunity, as this will aid with removing any chemicals, debris or anything else on the surface layer. As resin can be prone to damage, like any other driveway material, there are certain factors that need to be considered. This includes ensuring the water is nor too cold or hot, as well as making sure that the pressure of the water isn’t too powerful. 

Bypass chemical cleaners

Additionally, it may be recommended to avoid using particular cleaning chemicals when cleaning resin-bound driveways, as some notable chemicals can damage the resin and cause further issues in the future. As mentioned above, simply using a low powered jet washer is bound to keep your driveway to maintain quality and cleanliness. 

Don’t turn your car on the drive

If you regularly turn your car around on your resin-bound driveway – stop. Not only will this potentially damage your tyres, the friction created from turning the tyres will cause heat in the resin to release oils, causing damage to the surface and enabling tyre marks to become noticeable. 

Avoid heavy objects

Although resin-bound is a perfectly suitable surface for pedestrians and light-vehicle usage, it’s never recommended for goods vehicles or heavy objects such as skips to be used on resin-bound driveways. Especially for manoeuvres or moving of heavy objects, it’s never advised to carry out such work on top of a resin-bound surface as it can result in significant damage, as well as weakening the whole surface structure. 

Address any spillages immediately

Like with almost all driveway surfaces, any spillages should be immediately cleaned and removed as quickly as possible. Especially for resin, which can be prone to corrosive damage and staining, it’s vital that it’s removed quickly through the use of warm water and mild detergent or similar products, which will help with breaking down the spillage from the surface.

Interested in resin-bound driveways?

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